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History of Takakura Kogei

We have been farmers in Kunohe for many generations. Our founder, Tokusaburo Takakura, was afraid of losing Japanese culture and the use of traditional handcraft techniques. Therefore, he founded Takakura Kogei to make “Nanbuhouki brooms” as its main business.

Vision of Tokusaburo, the founder

I started to exhibit and sell Nanbuhouki throughout Japan. My mind is always focused on how to create brooms with better quality, increased longevity and lighter weight so that people can use the brooms longer and enjoy them more. My most important priority was a stable quality of plants. My research for broomcorn seeds which have promising features is still the origin of our craft. However, we continue our research for better quality.

Vision of Kiyokatsu, the president

I have created a variety of organic brooms and broom designs. My goal is to create a broom that inspires generations and people in other countries to use brooms more often and to pass on the traditional skills of broomcrafting to the next generation. Even now, I am working on a new type of broom. While maintaining the quality, we try to keep innovating and challenging the status quo. I will keep trying to show how good Nanbuhouki is to our international customers.

Kunohe in Northern Japan

Broomcorn which is grown in this area has wavy tips. The cool and wet wind in Kunohe is responsible for this characteristic. It is not possible to mass-produce them. Please check its beauty at an exhibition or gallery.

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Community: Relationship with people in Kunohe

The ratio of elderly people in the total population of Kunohe is around 40%. Most of our experts within Takakura Kogei are also a part of that group. We take the problem seriously and think that our skills and traditions must be preserved. Therefore, we offer a workshop class for local children and also welcome anyone else who is interested to learn about our culture and traditional skills.

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Company Information

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Company nameTakakura Kogei Inc.
Address028-6612 115, 9 chiwari, Toda, Kunohe-mura, Kunohe-gun, Iwate, Japan
PresidentTakakura Kiyokatsu
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Opening hours9:00~17:00
TV / MagazineJapanese TV Programs (和風総本家, 笑点 etc.) / ELLE / VOGUE