International Shipping Information

Now Paypal check-out is available on our English website!


Currently, only the United States and Qatar are available for direct checkout.
If you are ordering from other countries, please contact us through our contact form.

EMS is now available! (2021.6)

EMS rates (external link):
Long floor broom: approx. 2.5kg / each
Short floor broom: approx. 1.5kg / each
whisk broom: approx. 0.5kg / each

Some countries do not allow to import products made of plants.

Our products are made of broomcorn and we do treatments, such as removing seeds, boiling and drying, before start weaving.
Please check first with the custom in your country before purchase.

Please be aware that you are responsible for the import, if your package is rejected or has some additional treatments at the custom duty, it will be at your own expense, e.g. shipping fees, returning fees, treatment fees and so on.

We also do not accept returning packages for any reason of non-payment of customs duties. If the package is returned the return will be entirely at customer’s expense.


Please note, in addition to the shipping costs, import from Japan may be subject to different charges when the package arrives.

We have no control over taxation and cannot predict their amount or their particular application.

The charge directly goes to the customer.

For more information, we recommend inquiring directly at the customs office in your country for accurate details.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Shipping cost

You can see it on the cart confirmation page.
Please be assured that your order is not confirmed and will not be charged until you submit your order by bank transfer or you make a payment via PayPal.