use & care



With proper care, your Nanbuhouki will last for 20 – 30 years.

How to Use a Floor Broom

Sweep rhythmically & lightly.

  • How to use Floor Broom Check on Youtube


  • ① Use both sides. Otherwise, the brush is going to bend towards one side.
  • ② Do not press hard against the floor. Sweep softly.
  • ③ Do not strike things with the broom.
  • ④ Hanging your broom is the best way to store it.

How to Use a Whisk Broom

Sweep lightly on clothes in the same way as you use would use a folding fan.

  • 日本語版和洋服箒の動画
    How to use Broom for clothes Check on Youtube


  • ① Sweep lightly on clothes in the same way as you would use a folding fan.
  • ② Hold the broom vertically over the piece of clothing.
  • ③ Flick your wrist softly.
  • ④ Remove wool or hair from the tips of the broom by hand.


Proper maintenance is important for long-lasting usage.

  • Maintenance Check on Youtube


  • When your broom gets dirty (after heavy usage)…
    • ・Rinse the broom with lukewarm water mixed with a mild detergent.
  • If your broom shows signs of brittleness…
    • ・Soak the broom in salt water (ideally a salinity concentration similar to sea water) for half a day, and then dry it in a cool, shaded and well-ventilated area.
  • For whisk brooms
    • ・Lay them down on a desk or hang them. If a broom is with a dustpan, it should be hanged or laid down on somewhere. Putting them in a gift box is also fine except for in humid area.
    • ・Please prevent from putting pressure all the time on tips of brooms such as letting them lean against the wall etc.