Thank you for considering our brooms. As all of our brooms are handmade, please note that it is possible for it to take up to 3 years until you get your broom from us via our website depending on the type of broom and the number of orders we are currently processing. For temporary shop locations in Japan, please check this page (in Japanese) for more details.


We try to answer all inquiries as fast as possible and usually respond within 5-6 business days.
If you have general questions, please check the FAQ below.

Q. How to use Nanbuhouki?
A. Please check “Use & Care” for instruction.
Q. How do I maintain and take care of my broom?
A. Please check “Use & Care” for maintenance instructions.
Q. Why am I having trouble with my broom?
A. Please make sure to sweep without forcefully pushing the brush against the floor. The tips of the brush just need to softly touch the floor. This also applies to the whisk broom for clothes. For the whisk broom, you should flick your wrist in the same way as when using a fan.
Q. What is Nanbuhouki made of?
A. It is made of broomcorn. We do not use any agricultural chemicals and the broomcorn that we grow has wavy tips. Please check Quality and Our Value for further information.
Q. What makes Nanbuhouki special?
A. Please check “What is Nanbuhouki” for details about its unique structure.
Q. Can I use it for a carpet?
A. Absolutely! Nanbuhouki is a carpet’s best friend. Our brooms can remove dust or animal hair from your carpet without damaging it.
Q. Which types of payment methods?
A. We provide PayPal as a payment method. After receiving your order, we will send you a paypal bill via email.
Q. Can I buy a broom in any color anytime?
A. We will create new brooms in case the color which you would like is out of stock. However please kindly note that it will take long to create a broom. Please contact us for more details.


    Floor Broom <Long>

    @30,000yen (FB-1)@50,000yen (FB-2)@75,000yen (FB-3)@100,000yen (FB-4)

    Floor Broom <Short>

    @20,000yen (FBS-1)@30,000yen (FBS-2)@40,000yen (FBS-3)@50,000yen (FBS-4)@100,000yen (FBS-5)@150,000yen (FBS-6)

    Whisk Broom

    @20,000yen (WB-2)@25,000yen (WB-3)@35,000yen (WB-3)


    Tomoe Broom @20,000yen (TB)Portable Broom @18,000yen (PB)Table Broom Set @20,000yen (TB-SET)


    Dust Pan L @5,000yen (DP-1)Dust Pan S @5,000yen (DP-2)Gift Box L @5,000yen (GB-1)Gift Box S @800yen (GB-2)

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    ※We accept Paypal for payment. After receiving your order, we will send you a paypal bill via email.

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