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Organic Floor Broom - Short《Wave Level 2》for chemical sensitivity

The surface of this organic product is made of silk yarn dyed with natural dyes, and synthetic materials are kept to a minimum. Therefore, it is recommended for customers with chemical sensitivities and customers who prefer environmentally friendly products.

New Floor Broom with white wood and organic dye.

It has a good balance of appearance and functionality. Choose your favorite color and you'll feel good about your cleaning time.
This is a new combination of Takakura Kougei's most popular floor broom.

The handle is made of simple white wood, and you can feel the warmth of the wood.
The knitted silk threads are dyed with indigo, persimmon tannin, and safflower to create organic and gentle colors.
In today's environmentally conscious world, why not start living an earth-friendly life with a broom made from nature?

The mesh is fine, but it is all hand-woven.
Despite its delicate appearance, it is a very strenuous process.
The whole body is used to carefully weave it.

It is also a great interior accent for your room.
We would be honored to have you as a part of your home.

Born from the voice of a person with chemical sensitivity

One day at a trade show, a person with chemical sensitivity asked us if there was a product that she could use, and that was the beginning of our organic broom.

Since the broom itself is an eco-friendly product using natural materials, we thought it would not be so difficult, but it actually took us three years to develop.

In order to make it a product that can be used safely even by people with hypersensitivity without compromising the function, durability, and luxurious appearance of the Nanbu broom, we were finally able to complete it as a small broom with the cooperation of actual customers who suffer from hypersensitivity.

The part of the surface that touches your skin is made of grass-dyed silk yarn, so you can use it with peace of mind.
It has actually been used by people with chemical sensitivity.

The strength of the broom is equally as long-lasting as other brooms because the inside, which is not in direct contact with the skin where a lot of force is applied, is made of strong synthetic fibers and bound tightly.

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SizeW250× H800(mm)

Handle : Wood

  • Benihana(Red)
  • Indigo(Blue)
  • Kakishibu(Beige)
Stock Status : In Stock
Stock Status : In Stock
Stock Status : In Stock